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Welcome to Brown Honey Bookstore, your hive for Black Brilliance, co-founded by the dynamic duo, Courtney “Phoenix” and Dorian “Dtown” Townsend. United in life and business, we embarked on this journey together nine years ago, a partnership enriched by our shared passions for music, art, and literature.

Brown Honey Bookstore isn’t just a business to us; it’s a manifestation of our deepest convictions. The absence of stories that mirror our identities is not just disheartening but a call to action. Thus, Brown Honey Bookstore emerged as a sanctuary for black creativity, a platform where literature reflects our images, echoes our voices, and uplifts our spirits. Here, black literature is the pulse, ensuring that black and brown stories and voices are not only heard but celebrated.

Our mission transcends the act of selling books. It’s about creating a community of belonging, fostering cultural awareness, and making an indelible mark on the literary landscape. We aspire for Brown Honey Bookstore to be a beacon of pride, joy, and connection to the black experience for readers of all ages. By elevating the works of black authors and artists, we strive to transform the narrative of black literature from niche to norm, a celebration for every day.

Together, we stand at the helm of Brown Honey Bookstore, driven by a vision to affirm the value of our stories, the depth of our art, and the significance of our voices—today, tomorrow, and forever.

Join us in celebrating Black brilliance and immerse yourself in a world where every book is a mirror, every story a window, and every visit an adventure.

Welcome to our hive. Welcome to Brown Honey Bookstore

Our Mission

At Brown Honey Bookstore, our mission is to become the largest retailer in the U.S. for African American and Anime literature, content, art, digital media, and educational products. We are committed to promoting a wide array of African American literature and art across various genres, creating a platform that uplifts and celebrates Black authors and stories. Our goal is to bridge the gap in representation and accessibility, ensuring that Black stories and voices are heard, valued, and celebrated.

Our Founders

  • Courtney Townsend, CEO and Founder, brings over a decade of experience as an author, poet, creative, and entrepreneur. With expertise in creative writing, strategic business planning, marketing, and digital content creation, Courtney blends literary prowess with innovative business acumen to lead Brown Honey Bookstore towards its vision.
  • Dorian Townsend, COO and Co-Founder, is a creative force with over 13 years in customer service and the tech industry. Skilled in Digital and Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, and Google Analytics, Dorian drives the bookstore’s marketing strategies, ensuring our message reaches every corner of our community.

Our Story

Brown Honey Bookstore was born from a childhood marked by the scarcity of mirrors in literature—books that reflected our identities, echoed our voices, and resonated with our experiences as Black individuals. This lack of representation was not only disheartening but deeply uninspiring. Our bookstore is a celebration of Black creativity and a sanctuary for stories that empower. Here, Black literature is not an option; it is the essence. By showcasing a diverse collection of Black authors, art, and anime, we aim to create a space where Black voices are not just heard but are the central narrative.

Our Vision

We envision Brown Honey Bookstore as a community hub where readers of all ages can discover works that inspire pride, joy, and a profound connection to the Black experience. It’s a place where the works of Black authors are given the prominence they deserve, transforming the narrative of Black literature and art from a niche to a norm, celebrated every day and not just during a designated month.

Join Our Hive

Brown Honey Bookstore is more than a bookstore; it’s a movement to affirm that our stories are valuable, our art is profound, and our voices are pivotal—today, tomorrow, and always. We invite you to join our hive, explore our curated selection of literature and art, and become part of a community that celebrates Black brilliance in every form.

Welcome to Brown Honey Bookstore. Welcome home.

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